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With your employee number and the info on your business card anyone could call the HR department of many companies and get a lot of info. Employees do give their employee number, I work for Telus and we have an 6-8 digit employee number not 4. No real empolyee of any company would give out their employee number over the phone. Unfortunately with caller ID spoofing the calling number doesn’t mean anything.

  • Telus security has already blocked calls from several numbers from reaching its customers, but the scammers are simply creating new false numbers.
  • We are now paying an additional $130.00 per month on a separated account created by TELUS.
  • They do kick you off your plan, you either pay the higher amount for a month or two till Freedom gets restocked or you switch to a cheaper provider for the interim.
  • I feel as though the lack of customer service should still be addressed, as it them six months to finally make the corrections to my account.
  • Sorry but having 150mbps max speed on DSL is gonna be a hard sell, even for those sales reps…

Coquitlam is located along Highways #7 and 7A, approximately 30 km from downtown Vancouver. Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you within 12 business hours. Documentary Channel is a digital television station devoted to showing the best documentaries from Canada and around the world. With its special emphasis on feature-length films, watching documentary is like having a cinema in your own living room, showing award-winning films twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Alberta has a competitive environment for providing Internet services in rural areas. Outside of urban areas, this is accomplished primarily through Fixed Wireless Access . Delivery of Internet access from telecommunications backbone infrastructure remains the responsibility of local Internet Service Providers . We do our best to optimize our websites to the most current web browsers. However, if you require the assistance of a live person, you can call one of their many numbers depending on the service you are inquiring about. The Village of Glenwood bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.


When the Village took over the former TD Bank building, it also took over its Safety Deposit Box service. For as low as $31 rent annually, you will have a safe place to store for all your valuables…locally. Commercial rates vary depending on the type of business. @KorthWell I can help troubleshoot the common issues if you can’t figure it out yourself…. Which often involves unplugging the power source from the box or pvr for 30 seconds and allowing it to reboot. But there will be that day when all your recordings will disappear never to be seen again (or not at all!) Usually when you return home from vacation eager to binge watch your favourite programs. That’s the day you will want to call to demand satisfaction. Which will be given in free pay for view first run movies or three months of free HBO/Superchannel premium channels. Which you then record every movie you havent already seen to watch once your three months are up. If you have already contacted Telus and still have an unresolved issue, you can request that your issue be expedited through a link on their home page.

Why do spammers call and hang up?

The companies or scammers who verify your number as “active” will start planning scams or sell your number to other companies. Since they only need to hear speech or even human sounds to verify a phone number, they hang up immediately to dial the following number on their list.

On May 11 Telus came in and switched my phones back to regular phone lines. This was to take care of the issues that they could not fix. But 13 days later my phones are still only working part time and I have lost lots of business due to this. Not only that but the hours I have spent on the phone is unreal. For supporting documents all I have is the call records on my phone and a couple of case numbers given at different time by agents. I had asked TELUS to reevaluate our billing as we no longer need our fax line we have been looking to have our business any where plan changed to something less expensive. TELUS still hasn’t been helpful after many calls to them being left on hold from 45-60min. (now our customers can’t call us) none of their service reps are able to help with making changes to our current plan this has been going of for six months… We also unaware of the added costs to the account for the fiber optic internet, we are already an internet customer included in there business any where plan.

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Ironically, TELUS contacted me on their own accord just a few hours after I had submitted this complaint. I feel as though the lack of customer service should still be addressed, as it them six months to finally make the corrections to my account. I was being doubled billed for internet service and was paying for a land line I no longer needed. I was verbally informed there will be a credit on my next invoice for the double billing, and the land line has been disconnected. I switched providers and have waited for 5 months for a refund which I was told, when I contacted Telus after a month, would potentially take up to three months. While I found that ridiculous, as it should be a simple matter of refunding to the payment method, I accepted this and agreed to wait. It is now the end of May and I have received nothing. The Central Interior Rural Division has an active membership of over 40 family physicians. Both existing and potential clients have been contacting us to book moves, but also to let us know they love hearing our radio commercials on the air.

The Town of St. Paul provides water, sewer and garbage services. When you move to St. Paul or change residences within St. Paul, you need to apply at the Town Office to receive or transfer these services. You should never pay extra if your move takes longer than planned. With no hourly rates and service that goes above and beyond, Ferguson lifts your expectations for what a moving company can do. Below you will find some useful links and contact information for city/town/county contact information, utility connections, and school division information. We would be happy to assist you in finding more information for any resources not listed. The Alberta government has been working to make high-speed internet access possible for all Alberta homes and businesses.