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He asked himself still more perplexedly if the creature that came toward him now through the dining-room door was real—the hairy Hermit of Baldpate, like a figure out of some old print, his market basket on his arm again, his coat buttoned to the chin. “Do you think they’d let me? No, the public might see them and demand them everywhere. Once, I thought I had convinced somebody. It was down in Reuton—the Suburban Railway.” There was a rustle as Mr. Bland let his paper fall to the floor. “Old Henry Thornhill was president of the road—he is yet, I guess—but young Hayden and a fellow named David Kendrick were running it. Kendrick was on my side—he almost had Hayden. They were going to let me lay a stretch of track with my joints. Then—something happened. Maybe you remember. Kendrick disappeared in the night—he’s never been seen since.” “He’s been pretty kind to me, Mr. Bentley has,” replied Quimby.

Bidding a reluctant good-by to up-state romance, Mr. Magee entered the solitary day coach which, with a smoker, made up the local to Reuton. He spent a few moments adjusting Mrs. Norton to her new environment, and listened to her voluble expressions of joy in the fact that her boarding-house loomed ahead. On his way he paused at the seat occupied by the ex-hermit of Baldpate, and fixed his eyes on the pale blue necktie Mr. Peters had resurrected for his return to the world of men.

He turned the knob of the safe several times; then he faced Mr. Magee. The latter saw something glitter in his hand. Only the crackle of the fire, the roar of the wind, and the ticking of his watch bore him company. He strode to the window and looked down at the few dim lights that proclaimed the existence of Upper Asquewan Falls. Somewhere, down there, was the Commercial House. Somewhere the girl who had wept so bitterly in that gloomy little waiting-room.

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An oppressive silence followed this remark. Mr. Bland’s sly eyes sought quickly the professor’s face. The older man sat staring at his plate; then he raised his head and the round spectacles were turned full on Magee.

Instead of these surly or sad folk sitting glumly under the pistol of romantic youth he saw maids garbed in the magic of muslin flit through the shadows. Lights glowed softly; a waltz came up from the casino on the breath of the summer breeze. Under the red and white awnings youth and joy and love had their day—or their night.

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Mr. Quimby led the way with the lantern, and presently they stepped out upon the road. The storm had ceased, but it was still very dark. Far below, in the valley, twinkled the lights of Upper Asquewan Falls. The two retired to the next room, and Mr. Magee fixed his eyes on a “God Bless Our Home” motto while he awaited their return.

And here was the solitude he had come to find. Mr. Magee looked nervously about, and the smile died out of his gray eyes. For the first time misgivings smote him. Might one not have too much of a good thing? A silence like that of the tomb had descended. He recalled stories of men who went mad from loneliness.

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It’s huge black head-lines looked dull and old and soggy. But the story they told was new and live and startling. The train slowed down at a small yellow station.

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“You forget,” said the girl, “you only know who has the money.” “Then,” she answered, “I must go away—very quickly. And no one must know, or they will try to stop me.” “Pardon me,” remarked the professor at last, “if I do not answer. In this very essay on—on liars, Montaigne has expressed it so well. ‘And how much is a false speech less sociable than silence.’ I am a sociable man.” Warily the professor turned so that the other was at no instant at his back. He looked so helpless, so little, so ineffectual, that Mr. Magee abandoned his first plan of leaping upon him there in the silence.

  • “Delighted,” cried the old man. “A fire. I long to see one. Let us go to your room, by all means.”
  • Soon he would stand before the girl of the station; soon he must answer her questions.
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  • “It’s winter, and snowing, or I shouldn’t darelèse-majestĂ©. And—over here—is the admiral on the veranda, playing it’s a quarter deck. And here the great portrait—Andrew Rutter with a profaning arm over the admiral’s shoulder. The old ladies make their complaints to Mr. Rutter in softer tones after seeing that picture.”
  • They talked little, being men unfed, while Jake Peters started proceedings in the kitchen, and tramped up-stairs with many pails of water.

“I don’t know as I got the evidence in my face,” responded Mrs. Norton easily, “but women don’t make no trouble, I know that. I think the man’s crazy, myself, and I’d tell him so if he wasn’t the cook.” She paused, for Peters had entered the room. There was silence while he changed the courses. “It’s getting so now you can’t say the things to a cook you can to a king,” she finished, after the hermit had retired.

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