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Gaming authorities across Canada are the largest contributors to player education programs and self-exclusion programs. When I was the registrar for the HR profession in the province of Alberta, what I would tell members when they asked me an ethical question was this. The law states the minimum requirements, the minimum bar one has to meet. However, it is the perception of a conflict that one should worry about. At the time, basically what the members were dealing with were issues with respect to a company code of ethics and a professional code of ethics and how the two come together. In that respect, they would have to see where the minimum bar was set and then what the expectation would be for their clients, the employees, the employer, and the outside stakeholders. Therefore, when we are looking at the law and what it states, we also need to look beyond that to what society expects from professionals, members of Parliament, and ministers as well. And the Liberal Party have defended the fundraiser as being within the four corners of the federal law and its reasonable donation limits. If the current law allows our minister of justice to be placed in the improper position of at least the appearance of a potential conflict of interest, the law is wrong and must be changed. I find that amusing, since this is the very situation we are discussing today. For two weeks, the government has been going on and on about how this situation was not serious, that there was nothing there, and that we were wasting our time talking about it. I am sorry, but these are issues connected to public administration, especially since donations to political parties are eligible for tax credits. When someone donates to a political party, which is a good thing, especially if it is the Conservative Party, and something I encourage everyone to do, they are entitled to a tax credit.

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Because of a government error, the church can now shirk its obligations. We simply cannot abandon the survivors and their families yet again, for they are still living with the painful legacy of residential schools. My colleague beside me, the Minister of National Defence, confirms there is nothing truthful in the member’s comments about defence. This behaviour is not tolerated by this government and perpetrators will be held to account. This is not just about accountants participating in professional association events. This is about senior officials taking part in secret meetings at the Rideau Club. Unlike the Conservatives, our open and transparent government speaks to the media, including international media. The Conservatives did everything possible to insult the media. Mr. Speaker, the minister took a self-promoting vanity trip to Hollywood. She directed her staff to find meetings to try to justify this trip. She even double-billed the taxpayers for dinner in Toronto after she returned home from her trip. Senator Angus King of Maine and with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom of California. I also spoke to the LA Times, which wrote a column about our economic policy, and I very proudly defended Canada’s support for Syrian refugees, something I will do again and again. However, originally her HBO appearance was supposed to be on October 30. Mr. Speaker, the Liberal government keeps changing its story about the Saudi arms deal. After the minister described it as a done deal, he now claims that he, and he alone, made the decision to sign the export permit. Mr. Speaker, I still find it very strange to hear the Conservatives talk about transparency when, for 10 years, their government was the most secretive and opaque of all Canadian governments. Mr. Speaker, the Liberal Party of Canada has always followed all the rules and all the regulations involved with Elections Canada and political donations. Mr. Speaker, over the weekend, hundreds of men, women, and children from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan sailed from Libya across the Mediterranean in search of sanctuary in Italy. Tragically, their vessel sank, and reportedly up to 400 people drowned in the Mediterranean. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the federal Liberals said that they were going to do. In their budget, they announced plans that would force provinces to foist a carbon tax on all Canadians. Last week, Alberta’s NDP government announced plans to play along and impose this additional tax on all Albertans.

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We are debating conflicts of interest and public trust, and we want to address Canadians’ cynicism regarding certain actions of politicians. If we want to take meaningful action by creating other bills, Canadians must trust us. The hon. member was the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, in other words, the person who speaks in the House on behalf of the Prime Minister when he is absent. Today, that same member has to serve a prison sentence for breaching the Canada Elections Act. Furthermore, he keeps insisting he did nothing wrong. This motion and this debate might backfire on the Conservatives. Before I get to the heart of the matter, I want to say that the leader of the Green Party’s speech earlier was more or less in line with my introduction. There are many things we should be discussing today, but the Conservatives’ motion is forcing us to once again talk about scandals and point fingers at each other. We know very well how it will look at the end of the day. Someone did something worse before, the others are not nice, someone else was involved in such and such scandal, the police visited this person, and so on. This is true, but the Conservative Party is hijacking our parliamentary business. I will get back to the fact that the Minister of Justice’s actions quite obviously did not meet these highest standards of integrity and impartiality.

Sex assault accusations hit the man who could have become history’s first Canadian pope

The opposition knows full well that the names will, indeed, be made public. As per the Canada Elections Act, donations of over $200 are disclosed and made public by political parties on the Elections Canada website and this information is shared with all Canadians. This is exactly what the Minister of Justice has done. Unlike in the previous government, she proactively sought the advice of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. I am happy to say, thanks to the Prime Minister, these dark days are over and have given way, as we see outside Parliament today, to a very sunny way. We have an open and transparent government that believes in putting its trust in Canadians as a way to have Canadians better trust their government. We recognize its cynical origins, and we recognize the attempt to distract Canadians and parliamentarians from issues that we think concern the vast majority of Canadians. It is an attempt to fabricate a circumstance around one of our colleagues, which we believe obviously has no merit. What was interesting about that was the fact that there was a regional component to this. At that time, the controversy in Ontario was breaking out with the Wynne government. This sounded eerily similar to what was going on in Ontario. I would ask the governing party to stop referring to things as being frivolous or small. These are the underlying tenets of our entire democracy to which all have access. I would ask the Prime Minister to start enforcing it. I would hope that if we see people, ministers and other parliamentarians, looking for loopholes that we would look at opportunities to make the acts better. When I entered politics, a journalist asked me what I would do first if I were elected to government and had the power to change something. Those are very clear directions to the ministers and parliamentary secretaries that they should take greater care in solicitation of political contributions. We are committed to an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians and lives up to the highest ethical standards. As detailed in “Open and Accountable Government”, it is critical to the principle of responsible government that all organizations within the executive be the responsibility of a minister who is accountable to Parliament. I can confidently say that the Minister of Justice is an individual of utmost integrity whom Canadians can depend on to be fully accountable to Parliament. Public office holders shall act with honesty and uphold the highest ethical standards so that public confidence and trust in the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the government are conserved and enhanced. The issue for me is the fact that when this event was discovered, it was not a matter of the Minister of Justice being proactive, as mentioned earlier by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister. It was when a media outlet reported this event and made it public. Then and only then did the Minister of Justice report the event and asked if any rules of conduct had been broken. It was then and only then that it was brought to light. Moreover, they have an obligation to perform their official duties and arrange their private affairs in a manner that will bear the closest public scrutiny. I suspect what happened was that when the individual in question knew that this might be viewed as a conflict of interest, he took steps to deregister himself. It was literally the night before the minister attended the fundraiser. That was to try to make it at least appear that there was no inappropriate lobbying that would occur. That is basically what happened years ago, and it continued until a subsequent series of governments started to change the fundraising regime to lower the amount of money that individuals and corporations could actually donate. They did that to get away from the undue influence of big business or wealthy individuals, to the point where we have it now, where all corporate and union donations are outlawed; they are banned.

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In fact, when the previous Conservative government was brought to power by Canadians who voted for them, the very first large piece of legislation they brought in was Bill C-2. Again, consistent with this criticism of the previous government, we were told we were going to have a new government. It was going to take the role of Parliament differently. The ministers were going to be held to a higher ethical standard. They have had several routine bills on the estimates. They have two bills that are mandated by the Supreme Court with a deadline before summer. They have a few bills that will simply repeal some acts of the previous government. This tendency, which I find quite unfortunate, to bear down and say that if it cannot be proven in a court of law, then too bad, they are going to carry on as if it does not matter, is not acceptable. It flies in the face of the code of conduct that the Prime Minister himself brought in. I share the view expressed by many members here today on both sides of the House that these are not the kinds of things I came here to talk about. There are a lot more important issues that we should be addressing. I even said that I did not question the minister’s integrity regarding her ability to listen to people. The fact remains that even if it is not illegal, we can certainly wonder whether it is ethical. Nobody in the House is perfect, but from this day forward, the new Government of Canada and members of Parliament should rise above this. If this is what the Prime Minister is asking us to do, all members of Parliament should rise above it and live up to those standards, including the ministers. Mr. Speaker, I find it concerning that I am even rising in today’s debate. The issues that have been raised recently remind me of the Shakespeare comedic play Much Ado About Nothing. Earlier today when discussing this speech with my staff, Scott attributed this situation to the following. This ethic issue is like the difference between a circus and a zoo. Why do we pay so much to go to the fantastic circus performance and much less to go to a simple zoo? Plainly it is because we know that the animals at the circus can do incredible things. We know that those highly trained animals can jump, leap and fly, which is much more entertaining than the sleepy lion at the zoo. This truly is a simple yes or no answer, but instead we find ourselves debating this on the floor today because the minister and the government refuse to live by their own ethical standards. Earlier today my colleague, the member for St. Albert—Edmonton, reminded the government that we have already done this by publishing the letters that he had written to the Ethics Commissioner. What is that Canadians see and what is the appearance of ethics in this particular situation? If it is trying to raise the bar, then let us have an open discussion, stop hiding behind the rules and regulations, and just look through the one lens we need, which is the appearance of conflict. Mr. Speaker, off and on through the day, I have had the opportunity to sit and listen to the debate on this opposition motion introduced by my colleague, the member for St. Albert—Edmonton.

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We have also committed to set a higher bar for openness and transparency in government. We would like to commend the government for making the mandate letters public. The opposition members do not always say that the government is bad. On the contrary, when the government does good things, we are happy to point them out. Mr. Speaker, I wish to inform you that I will be sharing my time with my colleague from Red Deer—Lacombe. Mr. Speaker, my colleague from Red Deer—Lacombe would certainly know that scandals do not do any government any good, if we look at the record of his government. The document that is outlined in the motion today is the “Open and Accountable Government” document that was so frivolously penned by his leader, the Prime Minister of Canada. I use the word “frivolous” just as they are referring to the debate today as frivolous. He went on to say not only real but perceived conflicts of interest. In closing, I am proud to be able to say that our colleague, the Minister of Justice, is also a friend. She is doing a tremendous job as the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada. Public office holders, in fulfilling their official duties and functions, shall make decisions in the public interest and with regard to the merits of each case. They know the importance of investing in crucial infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and transit, green infrastructure and social infrastructure. Because the opposition of the Conservatives to these measures is not resonating with Canadians, they find the need to fabricate an issue involving the justice minister. As the Prime Minister said, Canadians do not expect us to be perfect. They expect us to be honest, open, and sincere in our efforts to serve the public interest. That is where the Prime Minister set the bar, and we must accept nothing less. Mr. Speaker, you will remember this, as you were in the previous Parliament. When caught, the former government would deny the charges, obfuscate the facts, and sometimes mislead Canadians. When we formed government, the Prime Minister made this clear to all members of cabinet as well as our colleagues in the Liberal caucus. I will show how in a few short months, Canadians have witnessed how different and improved things can be when they have a government that truly believes in openness and transparency. That was the Prime Minister of our country who made that very clear to his ministers. Just last week on Facebook, Mr. Taylor weighed in on this debate. What he had to say on Facebook was quite interesting and quite telling. I corresponded with Mr. Taylor when I was a city councillor in Barrie. He is an honourable man, a man of great conviction, and a man who is well respected. The cynicism that the member has heard in her riding is something that I have heard across the board, especially from young people. At 30 years of age, I am a young member of Parliament. I have had the opportunity to speak with many young people who feel that they are being told one thing during an election campaign and one thing during a throne speech, but the government’s actions are completely different. Before I begin, I would like to comment on one other thing that the Minister of Status of Women said, which was that this issue is not important to Canadians. Present today, aside from many parliamentarians, are members of the Barrie and area firefighters association, who believe it is so important that they joined us in the chamber today. In our constituency work, one of the things we deal with most frequently in Thunder Bay—Superior North, which surprised me, is immigration issues. Furthermore, the Minister of Justice dealt with her responsibility to act in an ethical manner by seeking the advice of the Ethics Commissioner. We all have the responsibility as ministers to work with the Ethics Commissioner. In fact, I have several times asked the Ethics Commissioner about actions that may or may not be prudent and have received excellent advice. Surely greater care and attention should be taken by the Minister of Justice, of all cabinet members. Mr. Speaker, actually we have an Ethics Commissioner, and the Minister of Justice followed all of the requirements of a minister in consulting with the Ethics Commissioner about the appropriateness of this particular fundraiser. Canadians have indicated their support for the progress the government has made so far in this area, and they expect us to continue. It strengthens trust in our democracy and ensures the integrity of our public institutions.

I invite you to have coffee with me and you can show me where I can find it. Finally, the Minister of Justice should not accept the funds from those who have a vested interested in her incredibly important portfolio. Even if she was simply attending the fundraiser as an MP, something is clearly wrong and the appearance of a conflict of interest is definitely evident in this activity. In other words, we look at the pitcher of milk in the morning and it is curdled and it is lumpy. Then we proceed to smell it, assuming the milk has gone bad, even the date and the package shows that it has expired.

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  • It was specifically because it was the Minister of Justice that these lawyers wanted to be in attendance.
  • When going door-to-door during and even before the election campaign, we inevitably meet people who say they could not care less about politics.
  • Mr. Speaker, I also want to thank my friend from Windsor West for bringing this bill forward again.
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For ministers and parliamentary secretaries, this means knowing how to use social media and, in particular, drawing a line between the official Government of Canada accounts and their own personal accounts. This ensures that members of the public are able to differentiate between the two types of communication and can continue to expect non-partisan messages from the Government of Canada. That is what is required under Treasury Board policy. We see absolutely nothing inappropriate with the actions of the Minister of Justice. Then public attention was drawn to this example of Senator Duffy, who Canadians know is facing 31 charges, including fraud of $5,000. We would not have thought he was the best guest to attend a constituency fundraising event, but my friend from Red Deer obviously did, because he invited Senator Duffy to his riding. My colleague said that he could assure us that this kind of event would not have happened in the previous government. Therefore, a little over a year ago, a very similar event took place. I do not know if there were well-heeled lawyers there, but it was an exclusive event at the posh Sutton Place Hotel with the minister of health. It is a very old method, sadly, that the Conservatives have spent a decade in protecting. When they cannot win an argument with respect to the substance, they turn to personal attacks and fabricate allegations. Our government is committed to taking a different approach from the previous Conservative government. That is why, in November, our Prime Minister issued “Open and Accountable Government”, which sets core principles regarding the roles and responsibilities of ministers in Canada’s system of responsible parliamentary government. The reason that these lawyers spent $500 a person was to get next to a minister who has influence within her department obviously, and who might be able to benefit those individuals attending the fundraiser. One does not have to be a political scientist or a political pundit to understand that.

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I do not think that anyone on the other side would suggest that Mr. Dosanjh is somehow a partisan Conservative or that he is writing the talking points on this side of the House. There are many people who are proud of the minister for the accomplishments she has achieved in her life. She has certainly done great things, both in her private life, and obviously becoming the Minister of Justice of our country. We will resume debate with the hon. member for Grande Prairie—Mackenzie. I am afraid that this is not a point of order; it is an issue of debate. Let me consult with the table officer and I will get back to the member in approximately 30 seconds. Mr. Speaker, no wonder Canadians are so skeptical about government, when we are absolutely wasting a whole day on something as frivolous as a story created from nothing. Mr. Speaker, not only do members opposite not hear me, but they have not had the opportunity to review the information that is already disclosed online. Mr. Speaker, I have been listening to the speech and reply, and I thought the hon. member on this side had an excellent question. I am just wondering, if everything is transparent, why she will not disclose the list.

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However, those problems were reined in by the development of the association. Most importantly, it has important issues to deal with, such as concussions and accountability. It encountered some considerable headwinds at the Senate. It actually went to committee for study, as my hon. colleague would know. Even more importantly, if we look at organizations, the NBA, for example, supports a regulated environment. It is saying it wants to be regulated to ensure that the quality of its product is not influenced by illegal factors. Knowing that this is the future, it wants to work with the government to do it. We could go to other sites, like the NHL site DraftKings. We could go on the NHL site right now and actually make a bet on the DraftKings website. Illegal gambling, while appearing to be a minor part of a Traditional Organized Crime…network, is actually a foundation upon which most other illicit activities are supported. Illegal bookmaking, card dens and video gambling machines are Traditional Organized Crime’s main source of revenue. Illegal gambling and related crimes such as loan sharking, money laundering and corruption provide working capital to invest in more legitimate enterprises, thereby strengthening their entire illicit operation. When we look at illegal gaming globally, it is a $500-billion industry, half a trillion dollars, not only in North America, but also in China and other jurisdictions. It is a trough fund that often goes to organized crime or other businesses that are unregulated and unaccountable. We know taxes have been a big issue in this chamber over the last number of weeks. They are not necessarily paying the taxes that they should. The bill was formerly Bill C-290, which was brought forward by my colleague Mr. Joe Comartin, the former member for Windsor—Tecumseh and the former deputy speaker. It went through this chamber, went to committee, came back from committee and went through this chamber again and on to the Senate. It made it to the Senate, but there just was not enough time to pass it into law. We have had to table the bill in the House again to make sure that we get the job done. However, the reason we are talking about something else is that the Minister of Justice violated her own government’s code of conduct. I am pleased to have the opportunity to wind down, because I would like to share good wishes with all of the members of the House. There has been a lot of rancour going back and forth today, I only hope that despite that rancour, we all leave here today as friends and colleagues. I would much rather that we were talking about the economy. I would much rather talk about the $120 billion we are putting into infrastructure. As somebody who is generally non-partisan, and I hope my colleagues in the official opposition believe that, I do not think that this was the best motion the Conservatives could have come up with for today. I have seen much better motions from that side, and I hope that in the future I will be speaking to much better motions from them. This is about a culture of openness and transparency and our party and our government is committed to making this party and this government as open as possible and setting the threshold higher than it has ever been. We have spent a lot of time today speaking about openness and transparency with respect to fundraising. From our side of the aisle, this is not just about fundraising, this is about stitching together a number of components with respect to achieving that goal. We are not debating whether we agree or disagree with the Ethics Commissioner, as a lot of the members on the other side have suggested in their questions. We are talking largely about this specific point in annex B. I speak as a bilingual member of Parliament from Calgary Shepard. I remember that this election had one of the highest voter turnouts, despite what members claim on that side of the House, that there was a problem with the Fair Elections Act. I won by 43,706 votes, the highest number of votes in Calgary.

  • After checking the deposit slip for accuracy, it’s just a matter of submitting the transaction.
  • As usual, we presume that the games this week will be exciting.
  • The bill proposes to increase that number to three, which would reduce the influence of organized crime on gaming in Canada.
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  • I am holding out hope that the minister and the Liberal government will do the right thing for Canadians, which is to agree with our motion today, return the money, and apologize for attending the event.

Rather, it was targeted to a select group of elite Bay Street lawyers to pay in return for access to the Minister of Justice to talk about issues that pertain specifically to her responsibilities. The Prime Minister, in his opening letter contained in “Open and Accountable Government”, said it is not just a matter of adopting the right rules and seeing that those rules are complied with on a technical basis. Rather, he said that ministers in his government would be held to a higher standard; indeed they would be held to the highest standard of honesty, integrity, openness, and accountability. Today we will learn whether the Prime Minister meant what he said and said what he meant, or whether those words, like so many words of the Prime Minister, are merely hollow words with no meaning at all. Play game for bitcoin thousands of players play for bitcoins and multiply their winnings with big bonuses and excellent offers, this guide is incredibly detailed and is very helpful. Given that hot streak, Nadal almost HAS to be your betting pick here. There’s seriously no tennis player, male or female, playing better than the Spaniard. And not only that, but the hardcourts of the Indian Wells happen to be his specialty. Don’t overthink it and just wager alongside Nadal to win outright. Betting against all-time greatness is generally a not good idea anyway. Bet365 app new version of 2020 allows you to use the Bet365 bonus code during the registration via the mobile application downloaded via the Google Play Store or the App Store. Just download bet365 app, open the app, select “Join” and enter the bonus code in the right place and get a bonus, everything is very simple. Download the app to play lots of fun and unique games, with varying formats, themes, and bonus features. Whatever is your taste in slots, you will find great slots to play. Through this, an open prediction market is necessary so that users can identify with the most trustworthy experts in the sports betting industry. Using blockchain technology allows users to log in predictions, and it makes it difficult to alter or change the prediction history. Even with the above blockchain disadvantages, the advantages of blockchain outweigh them. Blockchain technology is here to stay, and many industries are adopting blockchain technology. Over time we will see governments and many more industries adopting this method of technology. The online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Blockchain technology has been able to revolutionize the gambling industry and bring trust and transparency back to its users. Online banking is also another option to block gambling websites. These are the three best sportsbooks for Canadians wanting to bet on tennis. Each of our recommended sites have the same tennis rules. The bet is void if either player retires before the match is completed. All of this popularity results in more people wanting to bet on tennis online from here in Canada. On this page I will outline the best betting sites for Canadians, explain the most popular types of tennis bets, and also provide a three step guide explaining how to place your first tennis wager. Free bets are paid as wagering credit and can be used after bets have been settled to the value of the qualifying deposit. Minimum odds, wagering and payment method exclusions apply. Not only do most of us already have an account with Bet365, many of our Canadian staff still use theirs daily. They generally swear by the UK-based sportsbook for their fantastic live betting platform and wide variety of offered sports in North America, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

In fact, the email reminded people to pay for the event, $500 a ticket as we found out, by going to the Liberal Party of Canada website. However, in searching for the website, there was actually no page. Mr. Speaker, obviously, I do not believe it is frivolous. What the Prime Minister wrote set the standard and tone for how the government should conduct itself. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister also appointed people to his front bench who have failed to uphold the tenets of that document. In my opinion, what this fundraiser has done is to create two classes of citizens in this country. One is the citizen who must pay to go and give feedback, input, and influence to a minister at $500 a head, and those who do not have that access, those who do not have the means to be at those meetings. What this is creating in our country is an unequal footing for those who have the financial means to show up and those who have the friends to get the invites. It is not what our country stands for, and it is not what our government should be practising. In her correspondence with the member for St. Albert—Edmonton, the commissioner found that the minister was not in contravention of section 16 of the act, and I am proud to call the minister a friend and a colleague. I know that Canadians are being well served by a minister who is committed to upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of Canadians. Changes were made to the conflict of interest regime by the Federal Accountability Act, which brought the Conflict of Interest Act into law. It is clear that the conflict of interest regime we have in this country has helped to guarantee the integrity of our public office-holders and our democratic system of government. I believe Canadians are well served by the framework we have in place today. Indeed, despite the claims made by the member for St. Albert—Edmonton, the Minister of Justice was not in contravention of the act. It is a tremendous role but one I know the Minister of Justice is well equipped to take on. For the past 10 years, Canadians have witnessed the most secretive government in Canada’s history, one that has shut out scientists and closed the door on evidence-based decision-making. It was also a government that was riddled with election scandals and unethical misconduct. Under the former Conservative government, Conservative Senator Mike Duffy inappropriately billed taxpayers as he engaged in Conservative Party fundraisers across the country. If a mistake was made, all the minister had to do was stand and say that she erred in her ways, that she made a mistake, and that it would never happen again. I think the members opposite can agree that if we made a mistake, we would do that. I have made a mistake in the House and I have stood and apologized publicly for that mistake. I think all Canadians are asking for is that the Minister of Justice, and perhaps all of us, be held to a higher level. If we make a mistake, we should stand, apologize, say we are sorry, and ensure we move forward with truth and real change. I would agree that there might be things at which we need to look. We should not be pointing fingers saying things such as, “They did it, so it’s okay for us to do it too, so take that” or “You ain’t seen nothing here”, the spoken diversionary tactics and shell games that we see.

The WTA Tour is the main female circuit, and like the ATP Tour, this offers plenty of opportunities for betting inplay on a regular basis. The WTA Tour runs from January right through to October and includes the four Grand Slams, as well as Premier events which are often twinned with tournaments on the men’s circuit. will help you find a perfect bookmaker for using an in-play tennis betting strategy on women’s tennis. Every year the top eight ranked men in the world do battle at the ATP Tour Finals, most recently held at the O2 Arena in London. This climax to the ATP Tour is played on hard courts and offers $ 8,500,000 in prize money. In 2018, Alexander Zverev achieved an impressive victory – the German beat 16-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic in the final. Other stars on the ATP Tour include highly ranked players such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem and Kevin Anderson. Bet on the biggest men’s matches with a good in-play tennis betting strategy at any of the recommended bookies at You can also bet on every individual point of every game.

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Everton manager Frank Lampard has no fit strikers for Chelsea clash as Dominic Calvert-Lewin suffers….

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